Wive – Pvll CDs are in!


Exile On Mainstream number forty-five!

We got our delivery late but they are finally here!  The first run of 1000 copies of the very wonderful WIVE cd (Exile On Mainstream) come in sweet little hand-printed cotton bags.

Featuring  drummer/programmer Matt Irwin and violinist Hannah Murray from A Whisper in the Noise, we’ve been spinning this beautiful album in the Southern office quite a bit.

Difficult to classify, the music of Wive blends a lot of different styles – usually a warning light goes on here for us – but the fusion is truly organic and it’s only when you begin to try to describe it that you end up sounding like a genre nerd on acid.  Part eletronic/glitch, semi-classical, new folk, nostalgic pop.. it’s all there.  A band that, were they from Montreal, surely would be hanging around Hotel2Tango with the Constellation mob.

WIVE gets the very highest recommendation from the web shop elves, and we advise you to snap up one of the limited edition copies now!  Meanwhile, check out the track “Lazarvs And Dives” which is Dawn’s favourite.

Lazarvs And Dives

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