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We’d like to share some news from our dear friends at Exitstencil Press. If you’d like to support their work, trot on over to their web shop to place an order or sign up to their mailing list.




LONDON -  Last November Gee Vaucher was part of a show at the BooHooray Gallery in New York. The exhibition consisted of a vast collection of fanzines that had been sent and given to Crass during tours etc.

This new show ’SOME DAY ALL THE ADULTS WILL DIE’ opens on a far bigger scale with the edition of Johan Kugelberg’s own manic collection of ephemera, at the HAYWARD GALLERY, SOUTHBANK - 14th SEPTEMBER – 4th NOVEMBER. Free.

The show will exhibit over 2000 fanzines made during the 70’s and 80’s and include a few originals by Gee Vaucher. This will make a fascinating exhibition illustrating not only the thoughts and dreams of a generation but technically, the way they were compiled and printed – Gestetner, xerox, letraset, silkscreen, stencil and of course, by hand (the computer was still a twinkle in the common eye).

There will also be a panel discussion before viewing the exhibition on the 13th September at the PURCELL ROOM, QUEEN ELIZABETH HALL South Bank. The panel will be William Gibson, Gee Vaucher, John Holstrom, Tony Drayton and be hosted by Johan Kugelberg. You will need to book tickets for this event.

LONDON - LAST AMENDMENT will be playing at THE VORTEX JAZZ CLUB on Wednesday 26th September. Words and music based around a new publication from BRACKET PRESS of Penny Rimbaud’s tales of the New World (dis)Order -‘America, and How!’

NYC -  EXITSTENCIL PRESS will be sharing a table with Boohooray Publications at the NEW YORK BOOKFAIR so might see you there. PS1 in Brooklyn. 28th–30th September

LONDON - The RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL, will be screening GEE VAUCHER’S new film ‘ANGEL’ on the 6th OCTOBER. This event will also include a performance by PENNY RIMBAUD to accompany the screening of MICHEL WENZER’S film ‘AT NIGHT I FLY’ (In the new year, Exitstencil Press hope to publish a book which will include the film).


Not a lot to report on the publication side except for NEW POSTCARDS by Gee Vaucher. There are three different sets at the moment –

        5 x ANIMAL RITES
        5 x ASSORTED Images

They are all in their own smart envelopes and will be available from the 10th September.

CRASS ART AND OTHER PRE POSTMODERNIST MONSTERS by GEE VAUCHER has been published and is now available, though pretty weighty in the post, (but then it’s not a lightweight book!), but we hope you think it is worth ordering.

LIITLE ANNIE’S book SING DON’T CRY – A Mexican Journey, is now available. Little Annie aka Little Annie Bandez aka Annie Anxiety is an award winning recording artist, self taught painter, writer /composer and has acted in many a theater and film production. When not touring she lives in her home town of New York City. If you know of Little Annie you will know she worked with and toured with Crass for many years and has lived one of those ‘how did she survive?’ lives. It’s a great read and a beautifully produced.


By the end of the year we hope to have a new book ready from PENNY RIMBAUD 3rd STREET BLOCKADE - Miles in the Corridor. A poem of wide, wise and confronting beauty inspired by a recent visit to NYC.

GEE VAUCHER has another illustrated book ready which we hope might make it this year if we can afford it.


We are in the middle of designing a re-issue of SEMI DeTACHED by GEE VAUCHER. This will have the original soundtrack plus a remix by PENNY RIMBAUD. This has only been available on Video so we are finally catching up and publishing this as a DVD.

Thank you for all your continuing interest and support.

Love from all at Exitstencil Press

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