Dylan Carlson presents Drcarlsonalbion

Known as “the doom metal innovator” for fronting drone ambassadors Earth, Dylan Carlson now brings his solo career to our very own Latitudes series. Featuring artwork by Savage Pencil and released in a limited run of hand numbered and hand packed green 180g vinyl and CDs (1000 of each).

photo of Drcarlsonalbion by Javier Villegas

Subsequent to his first release under the moniker of Drcarlsonalbion, the legendary Dylan Carlson visited Southern Studios to record an exclusive session amidst his spell in the UK researching folklore and faire folk of the British Isles. Drcarlsonalbion sees Carlson experimenting further with field recordings as he re-renders traditional folk as well as contemporary songs with his unique drone sound which has ever so long been allied to the mighty Earth. Joined by Teresa Colamonaco on vocals and Jodie Cox on guitar, the trio unite to bring a restrained majesty to the reworking of six shared favorites, including “Last Living Rose” by PJ Harvey, “Wicked Annabella” by The Kinks, “Night Comes In” by Richard Thompson, and one new original song (the title track) resulting in an immensely special Latitudes release indeed.

from the liner notes:  The Cunning Man indeed. Dylan Carlson’s lifelong devotion to the guitar tone has proved a fascinating journey for those of us who have followed along in his wake. From deep, downtuned drones to his sparse meticulous precision and melodic sense, his is seemingly the sound of Americana itself: a widescreen cinematica reverberating with melancholyOf late, Mr Carlson has followed his muse across the Atlantic to our Sceptered Isle, marrying his New World insight to our occult history, exploring our folklore and custom in the process. We knew that his first studio recording this side of the pond would be special, but with the addition of Teta Colamonaco’s unadorned voice, the results are revelatory.

Track listing

  1. La Strega And The Cunning Man In The Smoke
  2. The Faery Round
  3. Reynardine
  4. Wicked Annabella
  5. Night Comes In
  6. Little Woman
  7. Last Living Rose

The CD and LP are available to pre-order from our shop now, along with a special pre-order only bundle which includes a limited edition shirt of the cover design.

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