Paranoid Visions featuring Steve Ignorant and John Robb

The legendary Irish anarcho-punks are back with a brand new single for John Robb’s Louder Than War label. 

Retaining the fire and the fury of punk rock but dashing it with an experimental spirit, Paranoid Visions are living proof that stretching the punk template still exists. Built around the maverick figure of Dublin punk legend Deko Dachau,  live they are a show: girl singers, slides, sex, style and subversion and a powerful angry message.  A full on multi-media mind-blowing event that they have somehow transported onto a single that looks like being their third consecutive top 10 in Ireland. The single features Steve Ignorant from Crass on the A side and John Robb from Goldblade on the B side.

The 7 inch is limited to just 300 copies and is available to order from the Southern shop now.

Track Listing:

  1. Rock and Roll and Revolution (featuring Steve Ignorant)
  2. Split Personality (Featuring John Robb)
  3. Poles Apart (acoustic)


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