Ancient Canadian punk artefact unearthed!

We here at Southern are proud to announce the unearthing of a rare artefact, the reissue of a long-lost album by the world’s oldest surviving Canadian punk band. Yes, the great-great-great-grandaddies of punk, NoMeansNo, and their stupendous masterpiece Worldhood Of The World (As Such).

The album was discovered in an underwater cave deep in the Canadian wilderness by a Mountie who was looking for some lost children. When he found the boxes containing the masters, the Mountie (not pictured, right) said that he at first believed he had found some unreleased Neil Young tapes. “I could not believe it when I realised they were actually NoMeansNo tapes,” he said, “And I couldn’t wait to tell my mother. She was so proud. She remembers her mother talking about going to actually see NoMeansNo play, back in the day.”

Now the whole world can rejoice and crank up tracks like “Joy” and “Tuck It Away” which have not been heard on modern stereos for over a decade. Worldhood was the first album to feature NoMeansNo guitarist Tom Holliston and so is of particular historical significance to fans of the band.

Worldhood Of The World is available on heavyweight 180 gram black double vinyl – expanded from the original single vinyl to improve your listening pleasure. Included within the package is a code enabling the purchaser to download free mp3s to get the grooves straight onto your portable listening device. Also included is the original insert with all of the lyrics so that you can sing along at the top of your lungs.

Full track listing:

1. Joy
2. Humans
3. Angel Or Devil
4. He Learned How To Bleed
5. I’ve Got A Gun
6. My Politics
7. Tuck It Away
8. Predators
9. Wiggly Worm
10. Victim’s Choice
11. State Of Grace
12. The Jungle

Available now direct from Southern Records or from the band on tour. Available in the finest stores of the worldhood come January.
NoMeansNo – My Politics by Southern

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