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Allison teamed up with John Loder as the very first Southern employee back in 1985 when they had the idea of starting up a record distribution company. Prior to that she published a fanzine (Savage Pink), played in bands, promoted shows, ran a venue (for about a week before the mayor shut it down), worked at a record distributor, and generally fought the punk wars. Now she is the owner & chief pot washer of Southern.

An open letter to the BBC Trust

Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to strenuously protest the proposed closure of 6 Music.  Just two weeks ago, the BBC Trust published a review of 6 Music which described the digital station as “distinctive and well-liked by its listeners”, so it does boggle the mind why the Trust would permit its closure.  When one compares the cost of running the station to the extraordinary salaries paid to “celebrities” like Chris Moyles, it becomes even more incomprehensible.   If the BBC’s remit is to provide quality programming which would otherwise not exist in a purely commercial environment, how can this be justified?

6 Music plays a wide range of music not heard elsewhere and introduces many listeners to music that is new to them – with a particularly strong emphasis on British talent.   As a UK based independent label, such outlets are vital to our continued existence.  We are operating in a niche which is not well served by other BBC stations or your commercial counterparts.  The closure of the station would deprive many labels such of ourselves, and the talent they are struggling to develop,  of any hope of reaching our audience – and would in my view be a staggering blow to the the health of the UK music industry.  The UK has always been seen as an innovator and a proving ground for new music talent and trends and the effect on it is certainly something that the Trust must consider when contemplating the closure of 6 Music.

I am counting on the Trust to exhaust all other alternatives (such as reducing the salaries of Radio 1 “celebrity talent”) before concluding that the closure of 6 Music would benefit its license payers.

Yours sincerely,
Allison Schnackenberg


Write to the BBC Trust: [email protected]

and also make a complaint direct to the BBC here

Sign a petition

Wive – Pvll CDs are in!

Exile On Mainstream number forty-five!

We got our delivery late but they are finally here!  The first run of 1000 copies of the very wonderful WIVE cd (Exile On Mainstream) come in sweet little hand-printed cotton bags.

Featuring  drummer/programmer Matt Irwin and violinist Hannah Murray from A Whisper in the Noise, we’ve been spinning this beautiful album in the Southern office quite a bit.

Difficult to classify, the music of Wive blends a lot of different styles – usually a warning light goes on here for us – but the fusion is truly organic and it’s only when you begin to try to describe it that you end up sounding like a genre nerd on acid.  Part eletronic/glitch, semi-classical, new folk, nostalgic pop.. it’s all there.  A band that, were they from Montreal, surely would be hanging around Hotel2Tango with the Constellation mob.

WIVE gets the very highest recommendation from the web shop elves, and we advise you to snap up one of the limited edition copies now!  Meanwhile, check out the track “Lazarvs And Dives” which is Dawn’s favourite.

Lazarvs And Dives

Southern Records hosting a venue for Camden Crawl

Camden Crawl logo

Southern Records is very pleased to be invited to host a venue at this year’s Camden Crawl.  If you don’t know the Crawl, it’s an “urban festival” in London, spanning two days, 40 venues, and 200 bands, with a focus on new, cutting-edge music.  And they have some “heritage acts” too (that means folks who are old enough to be your parents but still know how to rock out).

We’ll be hosting the Blues Kitchen on Sunday 2nd May.  We don’t know what bands will be playing yet.  The way it works is all of the venue hosts (fancy pants label folks and journalists mostly – but only the cool ones) get to nominate all their favourite bands.  A HUGE LIST (like 400 pages long)(ok maybe only 6 pages long) is then compiled and all the hosts vote for the bands they want to go through.  The bands with the most votes go to the top of the list and the Crawl starts phoning em!   Eventually they end up with a list of bands that have been nominated, voted in, and who are available to play.  Once that list is finalised, they lock all us hosts in a room with no food and water and we fight to the death for the bands we want to play our venue.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress, but for now you can mosey on over to the Crawl site where you can see the confirmed daytime schedule.