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Damon greases the cogs of Southern's label machinery and keeps an eye on digital media, production, and anything related to IT. He's a former academic and strongly advocates the use of Free and Open Source Software. He thinks there is a lot in common with DIY music and Open Source development. He's also a photographer and an amateur filmmaker.

The Southern Open Source Initiative’s First Installment: Mac OS X user and group administration tools

This article is about software, so you should probably skip it if you’re not interested in open source development and why Southern supports OS software.

Many of you who are familiar with how things run at Southern know that we have supported Open Source and Free Software for many years. We had a small IT department, with several full-time staff, including John Loder himself, who worked at least two full-time jobs at Southern.
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Southern needs experienced freelance Ruby and RoR3 developers

Southern Records and Southern Studios are an independent record label, recording studio and online record shop that have been in business for over 35 years.

We have an ethical, artist-focussed culture that fits well with open source technology. We are tech-friendly and have extensive in-house development experience.

We are offering some very interesting work for a couple of experienced Ruby developers who have some solid Rails 3 experience. We need your help to specify and develop a set of tools for data wrangling/import/export, as well as creating web interfaces for some tools that already exist. We’d really prefer developers who are comfortable using RSpec and Cucumber so that we can get our non-technical staff more involved the business logic.

We can provide any industry-specific knowledge you’ll need to do the job, but you must be comfortable parsing and generating XML.

If you are interested, please write to us here and we can discuss the jobs in more detail. This position is only open to developers who will be able to come to the studio in North London and meet with us personally to discuss the project once we’ve selected a bid.

Thanks for your time.

Damon / Southern Records