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The Membranes are back, but heading straight into the lion’s den..

The roguish Membranes are back with the brilliant triple A-side ‘If You Enter The Arena, You’ve Got To Be Prepared To Deal With The Lions';  their first offering in nigh on 22 years. Released in a limited 7 inch vinyl run of just 500 on Louder Than War, you’d better get your mitts on it quick from the Southern webshop, or as a download direct from Louder Than War. The title track sits proudly on it’s own on the A side, with the feisty “B.O.O.T.S.” and euphoric “Everything’s Brilliant” bringing up the rear on the B side.

It seems only too right that Louder Than War should be the label of choice for releasing the long-awaited new Membranes single, with their frontman, John Robb, being the actual founder of the label which sprung from the influential music site of the same name. Aiming primarily to provide a platform for emerging artists discovered by the discerning eyes and ears at Louder Than War, their releases will also see the occasional nugget from legends, or in this case gladiators, from the music world. To see exactly what we mean, take a look at the Membranes entering the arena in style…

If you weren’t convinced to go and add this gem to your collection before, surely you will be now.


These lions and dashing outfits were brought to you for the princely sum of £35


OMG!! There’s a new Raised On Replicas video!

Yes, that’s right, Raised On Replicas have brought out a new video for “OMG” that’s just about as sharp as drummer Annalise’s fringe. Hailing from Brighton, the four piece Raised on Replicas were the second band to tack their name to the blossoming label Louder Than War, founded by John Robb (of Membranes and Goldblade fame) after he decided to extend the Louder Than War empire from the brilliant music website of the same name. Aiming to bring much deserved exposure to worthy bands with a series of 7 inch releases they may be small, but my oh my are they perfectly formed!

“OMG” is the first track on the band’s single, so less of the teasing and here’s the video for your viewing pleasure…

Raised on Replicas addition to Louder Than War’s catalogue features a total of two fantastic ditties- “OMG” and the flip-side “Sometimes”. This little gem is limited to just 300 7 inch black vinyl copies which you can treat yourself to in our shop, or as a download through Louder Than War.

Hanson Brothers solve European Sudden Debt Crisis!

Back in the nascent year of 2010, Tommy Hanson was otherwise occupied on a lecture circuit tour that began in Spuzzum, BC, and didn’t end until Penistone, UK.  His foray into academia led Hanson Brothers mastermind to arrange a tour as “Johnny Hanson Presents Johnny Hanson’s Tribute to the Hanson Brothers featuring Johnny Hanson & Special guests The Hanson Brothers as the Hanson Brothers”.

Tommy took a break from his speaking engagements to help pack houses in the Big Bend Tour of 2010, featuring rowdy gigs in Corpus Christi, Brownsville and El Paso.  The experience in nostaglia and tribute inspired Johnny Hanson to unearth a lost Hanson Brothers’ classic, Sudden Death.

Though the master tapes were long rumored to have been buried in a time capsule in Continue reading Hanson Brothers solve European Sudden Debt Crisis!

Wino and Conny Ochs release Labour Of Love on Latitudes


Southern are delighted to announce the release of Labour of Love,  the first recordings by Scott “Wino” Weinrich and Conny Ochs, on 19th March.  Plus: A special box set collaboration with Exile On Mainstream!

The legacy of Wino in the world of heavy music is indisputable. In 2010, he turned to his acoustic guitar as a means to drive out some personal demons, which resulted in the September release of Adrift and the subsequent tour to accompany it.

Unusually, this would just be Wino, an acoustic guitar and a driver in a small passenger car, so the task of finding someone suitably laid back and able to live in such intimate and cramped conditions for six weeks fell to Andreas of Exile On Mainstream/Southern Germany.  Andreas chose Conny Ochs, who he’d known for some time from his Baltic Coast beach parties. German troubadour Conny could serve as driver and also fill the boots of support act. Continue reading Wino and Conny Ochs release Labour Of Love on Latitudes