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Tartufi – These Factory Days

On 25th March (26th in the US) we will be releasing Tartufi’s third release for Southern, These Factory Days.

These Factory DaysShortly after recording and touring The Goodwill Of The Scar, the duo of Lynne Angel and Brian Gorman became a trio with the addition of Benjamin Thorne on bass.   The extra set of hands added a whole new realm of sonic possibilities, and little time was wasted before going into the studio to begin work on what would become These Factory Days.   The band took a year and a half to track and mix These Factory Days, once again with the aid of Tim Green (Melvins, Howlin Rain, Joanna Newsom, Fresh & Onlys) at Louder Studios and The Hangar, and also with Scott McDowell at Hyde Street. The result is a band fully settled within their sound, secure amongst an ocean of interlocking counterweights, where you are at once upon the bright surface and walking the cavernous depths. Tartufi further push the boundaries of sonic sameness and classic structure to evoke an overall sense of movement and progression. Pop songs be damned – Tartufi is a country of sound.

You can pre-order These Factory Days from today:


Exitstencil Press News

We’d like to share some information from our family at Exitstencil Press…




Penny Rimbaud’s ’62 Renaissance Drawings & One Painting’ exhibition opens
Wednesday 13th March – 25th March
Boo-Hooray Gallery.
265 Canal Street (6th floor)

Penny Rimbaud gives a reading of his work
Thursday 21st March 7pm
McNally Jacksons
52 Prince street (Lafayette & Mulberry)


Gee Vaucher presents a small print show at Winston Smith’s
Grants Tomb  – Friday 15th March 7pm
50a Bannam Alley. Look for the red door (North Beach)

Exitstencil Press will be found at the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair
Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th  March. 10am – 6pm each day.
The Armoury Community Centre
333. 14th Street (at Mission)

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Mixtape Prescription: Bell Gardens

Bell Gardens BWMuch has been made (probably by us) of how Bell Gardens was hatched over evenings spent sharing wine and vinyl, as band founders Kenneth Gibson and Brian McBride shared their mutual love for the sounds of eras past.   We asked them to put together a mixtape of some of their favourites to share with us.  To go along with the mix we’ve asked them a few questions.

Bell Gardens presents “In So Much As” by Southern on Mixcloud

This mix seems to be really representative of the types of songs that inspired Bell Gardens – is there a particular quality or character in these songs that ties them together for you?

Brian McBride: I remember some Dennis Wilson bootlegs were some of the first songs we cranked while we killed off the times.  We’d stumbled into “Barbara” and some of the Bamboo recordings most likely in one fell swoop. Inevitably a handful would be repeated over and over again. But to really answer your question, there’s obviously a lot of sadness Continue reading