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Southern needs experienced freelance Ruby and RoR3 developers

Southern Records and Southern Studios are an independent record label, recording studio and online record shop that have been in business for over 35 years.

We have an ethical, artist-focussed culture that fits well with open source technology. We are tech-friendly and have extensive in-house development experience.

We are offering some very interesting work for a couple of experienced Ruby developers who have some solid Rails 3 experience. We need your help to specify and develop a set of tools for data wrangling/import/export, as well as creating web interfaces for some tools that already exist. We’d really prefer developers who are comfortable using RSpec and Cucumber so that we can get our non-technical staff more involved the business logic.

We can provide any industry-specific knowledge you’ll need to do the job, but you must be comfortable parsing and generating XML.

If you are interested, please write to us here and we can discuss the jobs in more detail. This position is only open to developers who will be able to come to the studio in North London and meet with us personally to discuss the project once we’ve selected a bid.

Thanks for your time.

Damon / Southern Records

Intern placement opportunities

Southern Records and Rarely Unable PR are looking for interns. Bright, passionate, committed, computer literate individuals with a good appreciation of Southern Records are encouraged to apply. We enjoy a good sense of humour too!

Southern Records is a fiercely independent record label, artist management and recording studio established in the late 1970’s punk heyday.  Rarely Unable is a new independent PR company whose founder has been a key player in Southern’s most recent history.   Now the two companies are sharing offices and we’re looking to recruit some interns who can assist us while gaining some excellent hands-on experience.

Interns will assist in the day to day running of the mail-order and production departments, as well as assisting the Managing Director of Southern Records with key tasks. Additionally, interns will assist the founder of PR company, Rarely Unable with a variety of publicity-oriented assignments.

Duties will include:

  • Undertaking creative writing tasks
  • Internet research
  • Maintaining databases
  • Preparing mail shots
  • Filing, photocopying, scanning
  • Budgeting and marketing
  • Distribution liaison
  • Making tea and coffee, emptying the bins – everything we do on a day to day basis.

Things you won’t be doing:

  • High fives
  • Blagging onto the Godspeed guest list
  • Updating your Facebook/Bebo/Myspace/Whatever page
  • Running to the dry cleaners
  • Spinning Kings Of Leon while you stuff envelopes

By the end of the placement, our interns will have a good grasp of the inner workings of an independent record label and an independent PR company.

We are looking for people who can fill a minimum placements of six weeks, ideally able to devote from 25-40 hours per week to us.  Our placements are unpaid although we do offer a contribution towards travel costs.

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Tech help wanted

Some of you, probably all of you, may have noticed that we’ve had a couple of hiccups lately. The big firewall router hardware failure wasn’t really my fault, unless you’re a real stickler and say I should have had two backup devices for it, not just the one we installed after racing over to Telehouse, just to find that it too had crapped out during my drive back to Southern Studios. I could have avoided the downtime today if I had only had the time to test all of the devices in the new configuration, but I didn’t, and I don’t.

We need some help here, from geeky people who doesn’t shy away from technologies like pf and CARP, traffic shaping, Bind and RIP. We can’t pay much, but we’re flexible and the work is interesting. We also have lots of records here, which we might be able to sell to the right person at an interesting discount. I’ll even give you a tour of the studio and our computer museum (otherwise known as our data centre), which is very, very geeky.

The first order of business is a new OpenBSD server I’d like to take to Telehouse to increase our DNS redundancy. The DNS downtime really hurts us the most because it even makes this blog inaccessible, despite it being hosted outside of our network.

I have a number of odd jobs that could be completed over several weekends. You could telecommute for the most part, I think. We’re also happy to have people come in and have some space for you to work, amongst the piles of vintage hardware.

I’d really like to work with people who are fans of Southern and our partner labels, hence this post in our label blog.

If you think you might be able to help, give me a call on 020 8888 8949 from 10am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. I would really like to have someone ready to start by the end of next week.