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Tartufi open a can of whup ass on the United States of America

Our dear, dear, dear, wonderful, slightly crazy, crazily talented duo, otherwise known as Tartufi, have rolled their sleeves up and are putting America over their knees and giving it a spanking.  But you know, it hurts them as much as it’s gonna hurt America, and they are only doing it out of love.

Lynne-n-Brian have booked themselves one massive tour of the US of A and they are saddling up their van and waving goodbye to San Francisco and hello to the open road tomorrow.  And as if that’s not enough, they also have a new video for the song “Church Of Hanging Leaders”, off their stupendous album Nests Of Wave And Wire, to boot!

Wow! That was nuts, huh? I definitely want some of the drugs coffee that the director of that video was consuming! (Who btw is Emile Rosewater who is lovely.)

But THAT’S NOT ALL, FOLKS!!! Oh no!  Not only do you get a tour and a new video, but you get a set of steak knives as well!  Okay, that’s a lie, but you do get a BRAND spankin’ NEW record from Tartufi, yes you do.  Entitled The Goodwill Of The Scar, this record is super special.  Available on a limited pressing of 500 copies on vinyl or by download only – it’s a 30 minute journey of wonderment courtesy of Tartufi.  Recorded once again with everyone’s favourite studio guy, Sir Tim Green (of The Fucking Champs, and back in the day Nation Of Ulysses), this record will only be available direct from the band on tour.  Oh, and from our web shop for those of you unlucky enough to not be able to make it to show.  Which surely must mean you’re dead and don’t need a record anyway.  If you’re not into vinyl (please stop reading our blog now and go away quietly) then you can buy The Goodwill Of The Scar on download, also from our web shop.

Okay so that’s tour, video, steak knives, and new record.  Tick, tick, tick those boxes.  NO WAIT!  There’s more.  Yes there is also a brand new web site. It’s a true thing of beauty, it is.  It’s enough to bring a proud record label to tears.  My favourite bit is the lyrics.  You know, I always thought Lynne was just making up a bunch of nonsense – in a kind of that-mad-bird-from-Cocteau-Twins kinda way.  But no!  It turns out there are actually WORDS and she’s got some poetry going on there.  Check out this passage from the new record:

Those who flee from the fire
The birds in the trees will go hungry they’ll freeze by this pyre
The churches are closed from steeple to spire
So much to be gathered from this west facing wire
I’m sending a signal that we all have expired
Have been beaten by wasps and we’re hungry we’re wounded we’re tired
I will follow you through this ocean of blue

That explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Okay enough rambling, the drugs coffee is starting to wear off now.  It’s obvious to me that Tartufi have not been getting any sleep, busy that they have been with all this activity.  Going on tour will be like a holiday for them!

Tartufi Spring 2010 USA Tour in full:

Mar 24 – UCSD Che Cafe –w/ Writer and Swim Party La Jolla, CA
Mar 25 – Conspire Phoenix, Arizona
Mar 26 – High Mayhem Sante Fe, New Mexico
Mar 27 – Bash Riprock’s In the Depot w One Wolf / Seryn Lubbock, Texas
Mar 28 – KESSLER THEATER — Raided X+ Festival w/ Darktown Strutters / Telethon / The Great Tyrant Dallas, Texas
Mar 29 – Alabama Music Box Mobile, Alabama
Apr 1 – Static Age Records w/ The Judas Horse & Pilgrim Asheville, North Carolina
Apr 2 – The Milestone — DUO-FEST!!!! Charlotte, North Carolina
Apr 3 – Broad St Cafe — w/ Bronzed Chorus & Maple Stave Durham, North Carolina
Apr 4 – Studio B w/ The Bronzed Chorus Greensboro, North Carolina
Apr 5 -The Golden West Baltimore, Maryland
Apr 6 – 119 Gallery Lowell, Massachusetts
Apr 7 – Armadillos w/ Giraffes? Giraffes! and Christopher Barry Keene, New Hampshire
Apr 8 – University of Rhode Island w/ 14 Foot 1 Kingston, Rhode Island
Apr 9 – PAs w/ Soccer Mom & Varsity Drag Somerville, Massachusetts
Apr 10 – Death By Audio w/ Starring & Thunderhole Brooklyn, New York
Apr 12 – TBA Cleveland, Ohio
Apr 13 – McCormick’s w/ The Splanchic Ganglion South Bend, Indiana
Apr 14 – Ronny’s — w/ Jared Grabb (from Scout’s Honor) Chicago, Illinois
Apr 15 – St Olaf College w/ Dewi Sant Northfield, Minnesota
Apr 16 – UMINN –The Whole w/ Dewi Sant Minneapolis, Minnesota
Apr 17 – Northland Studios Des Moines, Iowa
Apr 18 – HI-DIVE Denver, Colorado
Apr 19 – Astroland Boulder, California
Apr 20 – Colorado College Colorado Springs, Colorado
Apr 21 – College of Eastern Utah Price, Utah
Apr 22 – Tonic Lounge w/ Clint Sleeper & Touques Reno, Nevada


Photos of Geoff Farina and Chris Brokaw at Barden’s

Southern’s own Geoff Farina has teamed up with Chris Brokaw to tour the UK. We caught them at their kick-off gig at Barden’s Boudoir here in London. Their set did not disappoint. If you have the chance, you should go see them and hear how they’ve combined their unique styles to great effect in a set that runs the entire gamut of traditional American genres.

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Geoff Farina tours UK with Chris Brokaw

Geoff Farina
Chris Brokaw

Our very own Geoff Farina, formerly of Karate and currently of Glorytellers, who have recently released their second album, Atone, on Southern, is touring the UK this week with Chris Brokaw (Codeine/Come and many others).  The tour is to launch the release of their first album together – The Angel’s Message To Me out on Damnably on 18th March – coincidentally the same day the tour starts!  Nice how things work like that, isn’t it?

Geoff and Chris recorded The Angel’s Message… as a duo which is coming out on Brokaw’s own (Capitan) label in the States and on Damnably in the UK. The songs are all pre-WWII blues/folk/ragtime songs that they do in their own weird way. You can pre-order the album from Damnably now.

Chris and Geoff will play two sets featuring a magnificent journey through their back catalogues, culminating in their new material for this combined harvest of guitar genius and incredible talent.  We are really looking forward to this and highly recommend you grab the rare opportunity to see these two here in the UK.

Brokaw/Farina March tour dates

18th Barden’s Boudoir, London

19th Rosy’s Tea Room, Nottingham

20th Zanzibar, Liverpool

22nd The Portland Arms, Oxford

23rd The Library Pub, Leeds

24th Hare and Hounds, Birmingham

25th Firebug, Leicester

26th Luminaire, London

27th Buffalo Bar, Cardiff

28th Freebutt, Brighton, UK

Glorytellers and Karate releases are available from the Southern Web Shop.

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Chrome Hoof returns to orbit

We are very pleased indeed to receive word from Chrome Hoof that their return to our galaxy is imminent. After nearly three years of exploration they are preparing for re-entry, and they are ready to tell the tales of the last few years spent wandering.

We have received the following missive….

Chrome Hoof prepare to launch. (photo by Steve Bliss)

“I, a lone ship’s biscuit, was the only witness of sound enough mind to relay the following events…

Our malfunctioned vessel drifted downwards in the briney ooze while the groaning super-structure straddled Crush Depth – instantaneous pulverization. In these moments pregnant with doom and collective madness, personnel had elected to arm all thirteen torpedos and fire them simultaneously into the black void that cradled their chromium craft. These probes of destruction were equipped with untested launch programs: Crystalline, Labyrinth and the Core Delusion, so no-one aboard knew what abominations were about to be unleashed. Then, Deadly Pressure crackled in the air whilst our spirits were temporarily lifted with tales of Bunker’s Paradise – the legendary domain whereby one can reside for evermore if able to propel themselves forward, beyond the twin guardians of the Anorexic Cyclops and the ever-ravenous Vapourise unit.

The audio platter, known as Crush Depth, serves as a document to the hour that followed.” – M.

The message was accompanied by the audio below.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.