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CRS05T 4

Crass shirts back in stock

CRS05T 4It’s been a while since we had this classic design available in these colours – black on white, a perennial fave.  Over a year in fact.  Now available in sizes S-3XL. Other colours available too.  We’ve also restocked on the No Authority But Yourself design, and three Rudimentary Peni designs - Archaic, Death Church and Cacophony.

All available now in our web shop.


Bootleg of Rudimentary Peni EPs of RP

From Rudimentary Peni’s Facebook page

Public service announcement. We have just been informed that there is a bootleg out of EPs of RP. White vinyl with a Corpus Christi catalogue number. We have nothing to do with this. If this is anything as poorly produced as that hideous Death Church piece of garbage from last year, it’s truly the same as taking your money and setting it on fire.
We are presently working on a very very much nicer reissue of EPs of RP which will be something worth waiting for.
We appreciate your support.
But you know, free will.
Your choice.

For our part, it’s probably even more galling than that wretchedly poor quality Death Church effort, as this one is trying to pass itself off as being on Corpus Christi, which of course, it isn’t.

Please don’t be fooled by this shabby product.  We have a really special reissue of EPs of RP right around the corner.





Penny Rimbaud on Stonehenge Free Festival

Penny Rimbaud discusses Stonehenge Free Festival in a recent interview with ChampionUpNorth.

Crass went down there intending to play in 1980 but it turned into a bloodbath. The Hell’s Angels decided they didn’t like the look of the punks so it just turned into a stupid night of violence. We just spent all night trying to save people and get them off the site. It was just bloody really unpleasant.

The full interview can be found HERE.