Chrome Hoof returns to orbit

We are very pleased indeed to receive word from Chrome Hoof that their return to our galaxy is imminent. After nearly three years of exploration they are preparing for re-entry, and they are ready to tell the tales of the last few years spent wandering.

We have received the following missive….

Chrome Hoof prepare to launch. (photo by Steve Bliss)

“I, a lone ship’s biscuit, was the only witness of sound enough mind to relay the following events…

Our malfunctioned vessel drifted downwards in the briney ooze while the groaning super-structure straddled Crush Depth – instantaneous pulverization. In these moments pregnant with doom and collective madness, personnel had elected to arm all thirteen torpedos and fire them simultaneously into the black void that cradled their chromium craft. These probes of destruction were equipped with untested launch programs: Crystalline, Labyrinth and the Core Delusion, so no-one aboard knew what abominations were about to be unleashed. Then, Deadly Pressure crackled in the air whilst our spirits were temporarily lifted with tales of Bunker’s Paradise – the legendary domain whereby one can reside for evermore if able to propel themselves forward, beyond the twin guardians of the Anorexic Cyclops and the ever-ravenous Vapourise unit.

The audio platter, known as Crush Depth, serves as a document to the hour that followed.” – M.

The message was accompanied by the audio below.

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