Crassical Collection: Stations Of The Crass

Stations of the Crass CD

The Crassical Collection continues apace, and the second release is the newly remastered and repackaged Stations Of The Crass. Just as with Feeding of the Five Thousand before it, this legendary album has been repackaged and bolstered by rare tracks, and stunning new artwork from band member Gee Vaucher (aka G. Suss), a 64-page booklet featuring extensive liner notes from band members Penny Rimbaud and Steve Ignorant, plus a recreation of the original and iconic fold-out poster sleeve.

“This, the follow-up to The Feeding of the Five Thousand, slings the guillotine on a guilty society with even more acrimonious vengeance, leaving the bone of contention never so raw, weaving the bloodiest scar ever scraped onto a piece of plastic.  This is a fine album.  It convinces because it makes the claim for anarchy with conviction.  It is a statement that will upset a lot of people (again) but that, ultimately, is the aim.”  – Nick Tester, Sounds, 1979

“I remember getting sent out of the control room for giggling at Walls, but I couldn’t help thinking of punks wondering why Joy was singing about ice cream.” - Steve Ignorant

Track Listing

Southern Studios 11th & 12th August 1979
1.Mother Earth
2.White Punks on Hope
3.You’ve Got Big Hands
6.Big Man, Big M.A.N
7.Hurry Up Garry
8.Fun Going On
9.Crutch of Society
10.Heard Too Much About
11.Chairman of the Bored
14.Upright Citizen
15.The Gasman Cometh
17.Contaminational Power
18.Time Out
19.I Ain’t thick, It’s Just A Trick
20.Radio Radicals – thread track

The John Peel Session – BBC Maida Vale 4, 28th March 1979
21.Shaved Women
22.They’ve Got a Bomb
24.G’s Song
25.Mother Earth
26.Gozonabit – run out track

The Pied Bull live tracks which were included on the original vinyl release (which is reissued later this month) will be available for free download from an address specified in the packaging.  They are replaced by the oft-bootlegged John Peel session tracks from 1979.  The version here is sourced from the original quarter inch analogue master tapes – not a poor recording of a radio broadcast.

“The real problems appear when we candidly look at the music scene and ask ourselves why something as specious as Crass finds itself able to reach a position approaching prominence.” – Dave McCullough, Sounds, 1980

“Having borrowed enough money from the Poison Girls to manufacture five thousand copies of Stations, which we felt was probably the most we could reasonably expect to sell, we had budgeted the record accordingly.  However within a week it had sold out and we’d had to order a further pressing of twenty thousand, which, despite an anthem of critical bile from the music press, also sold out immediately.” - Penny Rimbaud, liner notes

“Crass by name, even worse by nature, like it or not, they just won’t go away.” – Tony Parsons, 1979

Stations of the Crass is available on the Crassical Collection from the Southern Web Shop and good local independent record sellers.

Thank you.

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