Fawn Spots single on Louder Than War

Fourth in line of release from the Louder Than War label (the brainchild of legendary musician/journalist/crusader John Robb, our new favourite band (and soon to be yours) Fawn Spots bring a burst of fast-paced pop to the LTW family with Spanish Glass.

Hailing from York, this noisy powerpop duo are landing on publications faster than people can get a word out for them. Delivering hyperactive, effects drenched pop-ditties with the fever of the early SST bands, their often dramatic, always entertaining and ridiculously energetic live show is a must for fans of early college rock, eighties American punk and the lo-fi/noise resurgence of recent times.

Growing tired of the insular ego based focus of the local music scene, Fawn Spots formed a collective putting on their own shows in a Victorian basement of an art gallery with tremendous results. Each night includes a record stall, cakes for sale and project movies; definitely a committed bunch if nothing else, and planners of a pretty good evening too by the sounds of it!

Set for release on the 20th August, Spanish Glass features two tracks, the title track on side A and “From Pierce’ on the B side. Limited to just 300 copies on 7 inch black vinyl, and packaged in a sharp brown card “house” sleeve with a full-colour insert you should get it on pre-order from our web shop whilst you can!

Catch them live to get well and truly bitten by the infectious Fawn Spots bug.
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