Hanson Brothers solve European Sudden Debt Crisis!

Back in the nascent year of 2010, Tommy Hanson was otherwise occupied on a lecture circuit tour that began in Spuzzum, BC, and didn’t end until Penistone, UK.  His foray into academia led Hanson Brothers mastermind to arrange a tour as “Johnny Hanson Presents Johnny Hanson’s Tribute to the Hanson Brothers featuring Johnny Hanson & Special guests The Hanson Brothers as the Hanson Brothers”.

Tommy took a break from his speaking engagements to help pack houses in the Big Bend Tour of 2010, featuring rowdy gigs in Corpus Christi, Brownsville and El Paso.  The experience in nostaglia and tribute inspired Johnny Hanson to unearth a lost Hanson Brothers’ classic, Sudden Death.

Though the master tapes were long rumored to have been buried in a time capsule in Frogmore, Ontario, it turns out Robbie Hanson had been using them as shin guards.  Under the watchful eye of General Manager Paul Forgues and the spiritual guidance of Tiger Williams, Johnny remixed the entire album while homebrewing a special IPA known only as “Studio Saucery”.  It was a very hilarious play on the word “sorcery”, as the atmosphere in the studio was downright magical!

Always one to give 110%, Johnny has recovered a few golden notes, several sweet harmonies, and a whole lot of ones, twos, threes and even some fours.

Reavailabled again via Southern Records (based in Penistone, UK), Sudden Death will surely bring back memories of old time hockey when overtime meant glory, not shootouts.

Reserve your copy today and be sure to catch the real Hanson Brothers on their Spring 2012 Sudden Debt tour through Europe!

Sudden Debt Tour Dates
  • 23 March – Lagerhaus, Bremen DE
  • 24 March – So 36, Berlin DE
  • 25 March – Groovestation, Dresden DE
  • 26 March – Rock Cafe, Prague CZ
  • 27 March – Fledr, Brno CZ
  • 29 March – Arena, Vienna AT
  • 30 March – TBA, Zagreb HR
  • 31 March – TBA, Osijek HR
  • 1 April – Orto Club, Ljubliana SI
  • 3 April – Feierwerk/Kranhalle, Munich DE
  • 4 April – Alte Hackerei, Karlsruhe DE
  • 5 April – Sedel, Lucerne CH
  • 6 April – Isc, Berne CH
  • 7 April – ExZess, Frankfurt DE
  • 8 April – Desi, Nurnburg DE
  • 10 April – Universum, Stuttgart DE
  • 11 April – Gebaude 9, Koln DE
  • 12 April – Vera, Groningen NL
  • 13 April – 4AD, Diksmuide BE
  • 14 April – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds UK
  • 15 April – Lexington, London UK
  • 17 April – Fabrik, Hamburg DE
  • 18 April – Bhf Langendreer, Bochum DE
  • 19 April – Gleiss 22, Munster DE
  • 20 April – Glocksee, Hannover DE
  • 21 April – Forum, Bielefield DE
  • 22 April – Merleijn, Nijmegen NL
  • 5 May – Cobalt, Vancouver CA

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