Louder Than War start their own label.

The highly popular and influential new music website Louder Than War has been reviewing, discovering and generally doing a lot of shouting about great new up and coming bands since it started back in 2010, and now they’ve decided to start releasing some of the best new artists they find themselves on their very own 7″ series.


There’s so much great music out there that we cover on the Louder Than War website that we decided we just had to release some of it. We will be eclectic, there are no boundaries to taste and we operate purely on instinct. If it feels good we release it.

We are international. Already lined up is Argentinian dark electronic music, UK garage indie, Dutch post punk, punk rock, indie rock, Indian black metal and Brighton pop noise.

The releases will come in a generic brown card bag and look great. We believe in style. A single is a thing of beauty from the music to the presentation. The singles will be released as seven inch vinyl because that’s the ultimate pop artifact, the perfect pop statement, and they will have downloadable mp3s because we live in the 21st century and like to carry around 100 000 songs in our pockets and that would be tricky if it was all vinyl. We believe in the power of rock n roll. We are proof that music is more alive than ever, the doom mongers can monger and we will get on with the music. We are truly independent.

This is just the start. In 2013 there will be a big Louder Than War festival for these bands and bigger names. We are fighting the notion that celebrity culture and talent shows are all we have. We will win.

John Robb

Look out for news of their first releases coming soon.

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