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An open letter to the BBC Trust

Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to strenuously protest the proposed closure of 6 Music.  Just two weeks ago, the BBC Trust published a review of 6 Music which described the digital station as “distinctive and well-liked by its listeners”, so it does boggle the mind why the Trust would permit its closure.  When one compares the cost of running the station to the extraordinary salaries paid to “celebrities” like Chris Moyles, it becomes even more incomprehensible.   If the BBC’s remit is to provide quality programming which would otherwise not exist in a purely commercial environment, how can this be justified?

6 Music plays a wide range of music not heard elsewhere and introduces many listeners to music that is new to them – with a particularly strong emphasis on British talent.   As a UK based independent label, such outlets are vital to our continued existence.  We are operating in a niche which is not well served by other BBC stations or your commercial counterparts.  The closure of the station would deprive many labels such of ourselves, and the talent they are struggling to develop,  of any hope of reaching our audience – and would in my view be a staggering blow to the the health of the UK music industry.  The UK has always been seen as an innovator and a proving ground for new music talent and trends and the effect on it is certainly something that the Trust must consider when contemplating the closure of 6 Music.

I am counting on the Trust to exhaust all other alternatives (such as reducing the salaries of Radio 1 “celebrity talent”) before concluding that the closure of 6 Music would benefit its license payers.

Yours sincerely,
Allison Schnackenberg


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