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Mixtape Prescription: Bell Gardens

Bell Gardens BWMuch has been made (probably by us) of how Bell Gardens was hatched over evenings spent sharing wine and vinyl, as band founders Kenneth Gibson and Brian McBride shared their mutual love for the sounds of eras past.   We asked them to put together a mixtape of some of their favourites to share with us.  To go along with the mix we’ve asked them a few questions.

Bell Gardens presents “In So Much As” by Southern on Mixcloud

This mix seems to be really representative of the types of songs that inspired Bell Gardens – is there a particular quality or character in these songs that ties them together for you?

Brian McBride: I remember some Dennis Wilson bootlegs were some of the first songs we cranked while we killed off the times.  We’d stumbled into “Barbara” and some of the Bamboo recordings most likely in one fell swoop. Inevitably a handful would be repeated over and over again. But to really answer your question, there’s obviously a lot of sadness Continue reading

Bell Gardens – Full Sundown Assembly out now

Bell Gardens gorgeous masterpiece Full Sundown Assembly is officially available now in record stores everywhere!  Bell Gardens is the love child of Kenneth James Gibson (Furry Things, [a]pendics.shuffle) and Brian McBride (Stars Of The Lid), begat over many late nights talking and listening to the songs that have inspired them over the years. From Jack Nietzsche to Phil Spector, Dennis Wilson to Townes Van Zandt, and many many more, both musicians harboured a burning desire to traverse a pop sound that often belies their respective backgrounds in the fields of experimental electronic, techno and minimalist music.

Kenneth and Brian began to shape the Bell Gardens sound in early 2010.  They felt a need to stay faithful to a time period in which songs that they had mutually revered had been Continue reading

Bell Gardens Record Release Party in Los Angeles

Bell Gardens are celebrating the imminent release of their album ‘Full Sundown Assembly’ on 18 January with a party at The Echo in LA tomorrow night.  Get down there to hear what the band do with their gorgeous sounds in a live setting.

Full Sundown Assembly is available to order from the Southern Records web shop.