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New in our Web Shop: Elfin Saddle “Wurld” (Constellation)

We are thrilled to present a very special Constellation release: the DVD limited edition of the film Wurld by Elfin Saddle.  This title certainly thrills on the packaging front, and the content is every bit as wonderful.

Wurld is a year-long installation piece constructed, tended and developed by Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie, co-founders of Elfin Saddle, involving sculpture, stop-motion animation and time-lapse video. Using the backyard of their Montreal apartment as an installation site, Emi and Jordan worked on this installation every day for a year, evolved and devolved an entire miniature world, conjuring an historical arc of civilization from early settlement and relative harmony with nature to gradual industrialisation, mechanisation and the inevitable discontents of over-production, waste and decline.

The resulting work is a wondrous, unpretentious, gently mystical 23-minute video piece for which they also composed the soundtrack.

The Wurld DVD/10 inch+DVD release also includes 30 minutes of previously unreleased Elfin Saddle music, a 15-minute abridged and re-mastered version of the Wurld soundtrack and another 15 minutes of music additionally highlighting the band’s instrumental work. DVD comes in a custom screen-printed 25 pt. chipboard gatefold jacket with front cover die-cut window and DVD inserted in a printed sleeve. Contains a 5×7 inch full-colour title/credit insert and a set of three full-colour 5×7 postcards featuring stills from the Wurld film (each of which can be positioned to shine through the window cut) printed on 80C Proterra Oyster paper. Also includes a 7×14 inche duo-tone poster printed in burgundy and semi-opaque green metallic inks on Proterra Kraft paper featuring original artwork by Emi and Jordan All boards and papers are 100% recycled.

DVD contents:

  • the Wurld film
  • Elfin Saddle concert filmed at MACM
  • a sequence of “deleted scenes” from Wurld
  • a film of the rotating sculpture installed at the MACM set to the music of one of the new instrumental pieces
  • a video document of a 2005 art installation by Emi and Jordan that helps contextualise the couple’s broader art practice and history
  • 30 minutes of extractable WAV and MP3 audio files featuring the Wurld soundtrack and other new Elfin Saddle music.

Packaging notes:
This is a strictly limited edition deluxe release in hand-numbered copies.
DVD: 900 / 10 inch+DVD: 500

Track Listing
1. Wurld film (23:20)

2. Elfin Saddle in concert at MACM (46:18)
3. Wurld outtakes (4:52)
4. Rotating Sculpture (5:03) (video for “A Sinking Celebration”)
5. Flora & Fauna art installation video document (7:10)

1. Wurld Soundtrack (15:41)
2. A River Of Horses (5:17)
3. A Tree In Dark Water / A Sinking Celebration (8:13)

Order it now from the Southern web shop!