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Intern placement opportunities

Southern Records and Rarely Unable PR are looking for interns. Bright, passionate, committed, computer literate individuals with a good appreciation of Southern Records are encouraged to apply. We enjoy a good sense of humour too!

Southern Records is a fiercely independent record label, artist management and recording studio established in the late 1970’s punk heyday.  Rarely Unable is a new independent PR company whose founder has been a key player in Southern’s most recent history.   Now the two companies are sharing offices and we’re looking to recruit some interns who can assist us while gaining some excellent hands-on experience.

Interns will assist in the day to day running of the mail-order and production departments, as well as assisting the Managing Director of Southern Records with key tasks. Additionally, interns will assist the founder of PR company, Rarely Unable with a variety of publicity-oriented assignments.

Duties will include:

  • Undertaking creative writing tasks
  • Internet research
  • Maintaining databases
  • Preparing mail shots
  • Filing, photocopying, scanning
  • Budgeting and marketing
  • Distribution liaison
  • Making tea and coffee, emptying the bins – everything we do on a day to day basis.

Things you won’t be doing:

  • High fives
  • Blagging onto the Godspeed guest list
  • Updating your Facebook/Bebo/Myspace/Whatever page
  • Running to the dry cleaners
  • Spinning Kings Of Leon while you stuff envelopes

By the end of the placement, our interns will have a good grasp of the inner workings of an independent record label and an independent PR company.

We are looking for people who can fill a minimum placements of six weeks, ideally able to devote from 25-40 hours per week to us.  Our placements are unpaid although we do offer a contribution towards travel costs.

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