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Wino and Conny Ochs release Labour Of Love on Latitudes


Southern are delighted to announce the release of Labour of Love,  the first recordings by Scott “Wino” Weinrich and Conny Ochs, on 19th March.  Plus: A special box set collaboration with Exile On Mainstream!

The legacy of Wino in the world of heavy music is indisputable. In 2010, he turned to his acoustic guitar as a means to drive out some personal demons, which resulted in the September release of Adrift and the subsequent tour to accompany it.

Unusually, this would just be Wino, an acoustic guitar and a driver in a small passenger car, so the task of finding someone suitably laid back and able to live in such intimate and cramped conditions for six weeks fell to Andreas of Exile On Mainstream/Southern Germany.  Andreas chose Conny Ochs, who he’d known for some time from his Baltic Coast beach parties. German troubadour Conny could serve as driver and also fill the boots of support act. Continue reading

The Entrance Band

We’re delighted to announce the release of a Latitudes session by The Entrance Band, on 19th March.

This session was recorded just after the band’s appearance at All Tomorrow’s Parties curated by Animal Collective, and the three tracks laid down are absolutely the finest elixir produced by our favourite power trio.  Fluid, emotional and organically multiplying grooves which can only fail to warm the coldest of bones as we follow TEB on a journey through acidified subterranean raga rock, serpent-charming drone, and crunked up psychedelic blues.

Released in an edition of 500 CDs and 500 vinyl only. The vinyl package includes 180gm Continue reading

Sylvester Anfang II session unveils new Latitudes vinyl packaging.

Taking the Latitudes series to another level,  we are delighted to unveil our new super deluxe vinyl packaging which will debut with the release of Sylvester Anfang II’s session on 13th February.

The Flemish purveyors of psyche-folk laid down their 35 minutes of free-style rock jams in our humble studios in November 2010. These five tracks were extracted from a three-hour jam session; a feat achievable by having a handful of  ideas and a day to explore the deepest recesses of the band’s sound. And the result? Kaleidoscopic noise, droning mantras and freak-folk joy that sweeps you off your feet and leaves you hovering in the ether. With Sylvester Anfang firmly embracing Latitudes’s historical spirit of improvisation and experimentation, it is quite fitting that they should lead away with our new vinyl packaging.

The new sleeve is in two parts and is following the same gorgeous packaging concept created by art director Stephen O’Malley for the CD.  The vinyl package now includes a die cut sleeve “frame” with a card insert screen printed with the same design as the CD.  Also included is a two sided insert with liner notes, recording details and a band photo.

Sylvester Anfang II’s session will be released on CD and 180g white vinyl with hand numbered sleeves, 500 copies of each format. So you’ve been warned, if you happen to be the 501st Latitudes vinyl lover…

Available for pre-order in our web shop now.

Dälek Latitudes session available on vinyl – at last

Definitely the record-holder for the longest-incubated Latitudes session to date, Dälek’s epic 40-minute session was recorded in 2005 and finally released on CD in June of this year. Now the vinyl is finally ready and so the cycle is complete.  Pressed in an edition of 1000 with 300 in translucent purple and 700 on black wax, the release is now available to pre-order from our web shop, and will be shipping out on Monday, 28th November.

This session will also be entitled to another memorable bit of trivia – it will be the last vinyl release to be packaged in the original black & white “disco bag” sleeves. We are awaiting delivery of a radically redesigned new vinyl sleeve, which will be unveiled in our next two session releases – Sylvester Anfang and The Entrance Band.