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A Storm Of Light – Latitudes Session Up For Pre-order!

A Storm Of Light – Untitled


LP – £9.00 / CD – £7.50

We here at Southern are ecstatic to have put the Latitudes session from A Storm Of Light up for pre-order today! Recorded here at our studio in October 2009, the band line-up for the session includes founders Josh Graham and Domenic Seita, Geoff Summers on drums, plus Will Lindsay (Wolves In The Throne Room) guesting on guitar, and new singer Zohra Atash. The four songs on the EP include two new ASOL tracks as well as covers of Joy Division’s “Day of the Lords” and Big Black’s “Kitty Empire”. This release comes in a limited run of 1000 CDs and LPs. The CD comes packaged in a foil-stamped cruciform, hand numbered and hand assembled. The LP is available in a limited run of 700 black LPs and 300 white LPs. For those of you not too familiar with our Latitudes series, more information can be found here.

Apocalyptic landscapes. Fire raining down from the sky. People running for shelter from impending doom. This is the world that A Storm Of Light inhabit, a world where they soundtrack a very bleak future with expansive, panoramic and crushingly heavy music.

Southern have had a long-running relationship with Josh Graham, via his work in Neurosis, Red Sparowes, and in his previous Latitudes session in the shape of The Fallen Black Deer (GMT0:15). Up until this point, a musician had never appeared on more than one session, but when we heard that A Storm Of Light were going to be passing through our neck of the woods in October 2009, we couldn’t let them leave without Josh and crew gracing Southern Studios with their presence.

What is contained within these four tracks is a snapshot of a unique line-up of ASOL, the usual ASOL line-up being bolstered by the presence of Wolves In The Throne Room’s Will Lindsay and singer Zohra Atash. The result is a volcanic display of doom-laden metal, complete with a chilling appearance from the legendary Lydia Lunch. This is end-time music for people who welcome darkness with open arms.

– Freddy Palmer, 2010
A Storm Of Light – Vast And Empires by Southern

Latitudes new release: Master Musicians Of Bukkake


We are delighted to present to you a truly special Latitudes session from Seattle’s men of mystery, the Master Musicians Of Bukkake. Entitled  Elogia de la Sombra, the session spans two tracks, and 31 minutes of aural exploration. The first track is a sumptuous canyon of melody and timbre and the second an arcane tribute to Krautrock pioneers such as NEU! and and Can.

Master Musicians Of Bukkake are an enchanting collective, comprising a fine pedigree of musicians from bands as diverse as Earth, Sun City Girls and Burning Witch. With an amalgam of global influences drawn from music, philosophy, mysticism, and the kitchen sink, they are difficult to pigeonhole, but this is to their credit as MMOB are entirely original and when they come together, the result is truly magical.

Elogia de la Sombra was recorded at Southern Studios by Harvey Birrell on 17 April 2010. Additional tracking and mixing at Aleph Studios in Seattle. Produced by Randall Dunn.  Mastered by Mell Dettmer. Artwork by Randall Dunn and A.Turner. 

Elogia de la Sombra is the 24th recording in the Latitudes series. Edition of 1000 copper foil-stamped and hand assembled CDs and 1000 LPs (300 grey, 700 black).

Order now from the Southern web shop.

GMT24 vinyl (grey version)

New Latitudes releases from Gang Gang Dance and Nadja

Gang Gang Dance – Kamakura

Recorded in August 2007 at Southern Studios, engineered by Harvey Birrell. Limited pressing of 1000 hand-numbered, rubber stamped CDs and 1000 vinyl (700 black, 300 white).

Gang Gang Dance define the ultimate ‘world music’ for the now, and possibly for an unknown tomorrow. Utilizing avant garde sensibilities and cut-and-paste assemblies, they approach music as pure sound. Lizzie Bougatsos’ vocals are often non-verbal communications – words as sound rather than any immediate apparent linear meaning or message.

As interest grows in the indigenous music of many cultures of the Far and Middle East, especially in hybridized fusions of the familiar Western forms with local historical folk forms, so Gang Gang Dance are the logical product of an outward looking NYC in the global age: Middle Eastern percussion and keyboard stabs collide with Far Eastern instrumentation, and elements of Western pop and dance. The inclusion of grime and dubstep elements are of particular interest here since Gang Gang Dance are approaching these genres, familiar to anyone in the UK, from the position of outsiders, and thus treating these genres as indigenous folk music, as exotic as gamelan or throat singing to anyone who has not heard them. The polyrhythms and vocal styling of these British urban genres stands here as another part of Gang Gang Dance’s vision of music in the 21st century, combining the musical idioms of the world we inhabit to create music that suggests a world we have yet to discover.

In many ways this recording, tracked prior to the release of the ‘St. Dymphna’ album bridges the gap between the rawer, almost cut-up approach to their earlier albums and their more polished and highly-evolved present sound.

– Andrew Hartwell

In September 2009, the prolific duo made their way to Southern Studios to record their spontaneous session for our Latitudes series. The result was Sky Burial, two lengthy slabs of crushing yet ethereal instrumental material. Limited to 1000 vinyl and 1000 hand-numbered, rubber stamped CDs.

Having been an enormous fan of Nadja for the past couple of years, when I was given the chance to approach an artist for the Latitudes series, they were a complete no-brainer. Their highly unique strain of doom-infused shoegaze sends shivers throughout my body whenever I’ve seen them live, and this was a perfect chance to be able to capture that magic in the legendary Southern Studios.

After first approaching them in February 2009, we finally managed to make it happen the following September, and I’ve never experienced a smoother and simpler sessions than this. Crafting two lengthy slabs of crushing yet ethereal instrumental material, Aidan and Leah have once again upped my expectations of them. Seeing them play live the following night, where they gave one of these tracks an airing, was an inspiring experience in itself and the article you hold here is about as close as you’re going to get to the all-encompassing and trance-like beauty of seeing them play in front of you. If this is anything to go by, then there is plenty more special music to come from this talented duo and it has been a pleasure to have them be a part of the Latitudes series.

-Freddy Palmer

Alexander Tucker & Decomposed Orchestra

Latitudes GMT0:20
Latitudes GMT0:20

Exciting times! This week we took delivery of all of the parts for the latest Latitudes release – Alexander Tucker & Decomposed Orchestra’s Grey Onion.  We packed up enough to give Mr Tucker some copies to take down to ATP with him this weekend, and also to get it on sale in the Southern shop.

This is not Mr. Tucker’s first appearance for Latitudes – he has served alongside Stephen O’Malley and Tony Sylvester as Ginnungap on GMT0:02.  Now with the release of Grey Onion he gets his own, long overdue centre stage.  This is the first appearance of Decomposed Orchestra – something Alex will be treating you to more of soon via his home team at ATP Recordings.  Adding additional instrumentation to his alchemical layers of hypnotic strings and voice has helped the already unique Tucker sound move into new directions, as brooding saxophone snakes menacingly through the riff-heavy atmosphere, and the teasing strains of the clarinet amp the spook factor up to maximum.

Grey Onion CDs will be available from later today in the web shop.  We just received test pressings for the vinyl – if Alex approves the cut, expect that to be available in about two weeks.

Alexander Tucker on myspace.