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We’d like to share some information from our family at Exitstencil Press…

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Penny Rimbaud’s ’62 Renaissance Drawings & One Painting’ exhibition opens
Wednesday 13th March – 25th March
Boo-Hooray Gallery.
265 Canal Street (6th floor)

Penny Rimbaud gives a reading of his work
Thursday 21st March 7pm
McNally Jacksons
52 Prince street (Lafayette & Mulberry)


Gee Vaucher presents a small print show at Winston Smith’s
Grants Tomb  – Friday 15th March 7pm
50a Bannam Alley. Look for the red door (North Beach)

Exitstencil Press will be found at the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair
Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th  March. 10am – 6pm each day.
The Armoury Community Centre
333. 14th Street (at Mission)

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Mickey Mouse….

Perhaps in response to the Disney-brand shirts “inspired by” Joy Divisions’s album sleeve, some clever clogs fashion hacker has devised a mash-up of Mickey Mouse via the Crass symbol and infiltrated Disney retail outlets by depositing stacks of folded shirts on the shelves.  Bravo.  Or as Crass said in Smash The Mac…. Mickey Mouse, fuck off.

First reported by Tara McGinley on Dangerous Minds.