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NoMeansNo invade Europe for the eleventy billionth time.

NoMeansNo's first promo photo, circa 1982

NoMeansNo, who we used to call the “godfathers of Canadian punk”, but who are now so old we are calling them “the great-great-great-grandfathers of recorded music as we know it in modern society”, have been let out of the old punks home for yet another guerilla attack on unsuspecting music venues in Europe.  Unconfirmed sources report that the Canadian government is funding them as part of a deranged plan to overthrow all European governments prior to deploying a worldwide army of Mounties to enforce military rule.  Yeah, right.

We have obtained the following unconfirmed itinerary and feel it is our duty to warn the following venues and the citizens of these towns regarding a potential outburst of loud punk in their areas:

Date      Location  / Venue
27-Apr   Amsterdam, Netherlands      Melkweg
28-Apr   Oberhausen, Germany     Druckluft
29-Apr   Leipzig, Germany     UT Connewitz eV
30-Apr    Brno, Czech Republic     Fléda
1-May    Tabor, Czech Republic     The Millenium (Chris Rankin’s 50th Birthday)
3-May    Bamberg, Germany     Morph
4-May    Munich, Germany     Feierwerk
5-May    Dornbirn, Austria     Kulturcafé Schlachthaus
6-May    Milano, Italy         Magnolia
7-May    Bologna Italy         Estragon
8-May    Rome, Italy         Circolo delgi Artisti
9-May    Massa Carrara, Italy     Baraonda
11-May    Torino, Italy         Spazio 211
12-May    Padova, Italy         Unwound
13-May    Trento, Italy         CS Bruno
14-May    Zurich, Switzerland     Rote Fabrik
15-May    Belfort, France         La Poudriere
17-May    Heidelberg, Germany     Karlstorbahnhof
18-May    Saarbrucker, Germany     Garage
19-May    Paris, France         Glazart
20-May    Lille, France         L’Aéronef
21-May    Oostende, Belgium     De Zwerver
22-May    Rotterdam, Netherlands     Watt

We’ve been told that NoMeansNo will be selling a special vinyl Tour EP  on this trip. It will feature four tracks : “Faceless May”, “Old”, “Slave” and “Something Dark Against Something Light”.  Just 500 copies have been pressed up for the tour invasion.  After the tour the EP will  be available for digital download from Southern, Boomkat, iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and other fine online music stores.

Ready To Rock

Good luck, Europe!

Subhumans UK tour dates announced


Yay, Subhumans are on tour in the UK, starting Friday! They’ve got some interesting venues lined up, which we’ve linked below. Here are the dates:

Date Time Venue City
11 Dec 2009 20:00 the Pitz MILTON KEYNES
12 Dec 2009 20:00 Thatched House STOCKPORT
13 Dec 2009 20:00 Wagon and Horses BIRMINGHAM Digbeth
14 Dec 2009 20:00 The Forum DARLINGTON
15 Dec 2009 20:00 Town Mill MANSFIELD
16 Dec 2009 20:00 Sawyers KETTERING
17 Dec 2009 20:00 Old Bell DERBY
18 Dec 2009 20:00 Casbah SHEFFIELD
19 Dec 2009 20:00 the Luminaire LONDON