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ANTISECT: Legendary UK Punk Pioneers Announce Reunion Shows

Some things are best left unfinished; others deserve another chance, and of that particular breed, a rare few choose to truly go for the throat and give it their all. Antisect are one of those bands.

“Antisect, for most people, will never be just about the music. It was always more than that.” – Pete Lyons


Earlier this year, the legendary UK crust punk pioneers shocked and delighted the metal/punk community with the announcement of a reunion, and a string of live shows – their first since the band first split in 1987. A triumphant performance at this year’sof Puntala-Rock Festival in Finland was only the beginning. Since that day, Antisect have lined up a slew of upcoming shows and made some very exciting plans for the future. After over two decades of inactivity, the coming months will see the current members of Antisect very busy indeed…

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