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Wino and Conny Ochs release Labour Of Love on Latitudes


Southern are delighted to announce the release of Labour of Love,  the first recordings by Scott “Wino” Weinrich and Conny Ochs, on 19th March.  Plus: A special box set collaboration with Exile On Mainstream!

The legacy of Wino in the world of heavy music is indisputable. In 2010, he turned to his acoustic guitar as a means to drive out some personal demons, which resulted in the September release of Adrift and the subsequent tour to accompany it.

Unusually, this would just be Wino, an acoustic guitar and a driver in a small passenger car, so the task of finding someone suitably laid back and able to live in such intimate and cramped conditions for six weeks fell to Andreas of Exile On Mainstream/Southern Germany.  Andreas chose Conny Ochs, who he’d known for some time from his Baltic Coast beach parties. German troubadour Conny could serve as driver and also fill the boots of support act. Continue reading