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Music Lovers! Summer is always a quiet time in Musicland… everyone is too busy getting out of their skull at big festivals to bother with new releases. But the mailorder elves of Southern are slaving away as hard as ever. We bring you some exciting news on new releases this month from Yob, Boris and Dead Raven Choir. But that’s not all! We’ve also been having a good, old (belated) Spring clean and we have dug up a veritable treasure chest of out-of-stock rarities, relics and some little pieces of outsider music history to put a smile on everyone’s face! Read on!

New Releases – Shipping 2nd August

You can pre-order all these goodies now.

Yob – The Great Cessation

Southern Lord SN117
2LP – £19.00

Very limited, deluxe double vinyl version of The Great Cessation, the 2009 album from Yob, the reunited cosmic Doom Metal band. One of the heaviest and most respected bands in metal, Yob are renowned for their unique brand of epic, crushing sludge doom. Founded in 1996 in Eugene, Oregon, the band developed a reputation as the heaviest doom metal three-piece ever alongside the legendary Sleep. In 2006, vocalist / guitarist Mike Schedit announced the group’s split after three albums. After a three-year hiatus that included member’s involvement in the band Middian, Yob launched a triumphant return to form with this stellar release on Profound Lore. Recorded and produced by Sanford Parker, who has given Yob their best production/sounding album to date. The Great Cessation also sees Yob deliver their most varied sounding  album.

BXI – Boris With Ian Astbury

Southern Lord SN120
CD – £8.00

An incredible collaboration between label artists Boris and Ian Astbury (The Cult and The Doors). This finely-crafted four-song release, simply entitled BXI, was tracked and mixed in Tokyo in late April. Astbury’s iconic rock vocals are a perfect match for Boris’s straightforward, laid-back, but still raw and imaginative song writing constructed for the mini album; another intriguing display within the band’s ever-morphing, extensive résumé of releases, tours and collaborations. BXI showcases the already unclassifiable rock of Boris in an entirely new light, and shows a new side to one of rock and roll’s most notorious singers. The release features three new original tracks, as well as a cover of The Cult’s song “Rain”, ethereally vocalised by Boris guitarist Wata. Art and design for the release was commissioned to Stephen O’Malley (Ideologic.org, SUNNO))), etc.). The result is stunning. Both Boris and Ian enjoyed working together so much that they have already planned to perform together on stage in the coming months. There is already talks of a follow up to this amazing recording.

Dead Raven Choir – Schmerzensgewalt

Aurora Borealis ARO44
CD – £10.00

DEAD RAVEN CHOIR is one of the most obscure, hated, envied and enigmatic musical entities in the world. Schmerzensgewalt is said to mark the final chapter in this bizarre and wondrous fable. Smolken, the mastermind behind both Dead Raven Choir and WOLFMANGLER, claims that he is setting his sights on pastures new and that this challenging work is to be perhaps the very final testament of the spirit of Dead Raven Choir. Equally as lo-fi and harsh as its AB released predecessor My Firstborn Will Surely Be Blind, Schmerzensgewalt shares the same ambivalence to the technologies of the modern world – “Recorded in Poland on cheap and archaic Soviet Bloc technology” – and a desire to tear songs limb from limb, note by note, before reassembling them in a crude mockery of what stood before. Particularly noteworthy this time is the inclusion of 16 year old female Polish vocalists, accompanied by their parents, to record at the eerie forest bunker that serves as Smolken’s lair, their naive delivery adding new unplumbed depths to the Dead Raven Choir sound.

Recently Re-stocked

These are a few items that we found when we cleared out our warehouse last year. We have much more stuff like this – they call them “bin ends” in the wine world – just a few bits and pieces that we have found and we’re just finding time to get them up for sale in the shop. Get them while they last!

Various – Fuck Me I’m Rich

Sub Pop / Waterfront Compilation DAMP104
LP – £8.00
CD – £8.00

“Once upon a time, Seattle opened its legs and fucked the world. YES! Loud powerfuzz and muff shagging hair action! By July of 1988, “grunge” mania had taken the hold of America and TOUCH ME I’M SICK was squeezing its way up the Billboard charts, instantly recognized as the NUMBER ONE rock ‘n’ roll anthem of its day.These were the early days, BEFORE Sub Pop became the large  multinational entertainment conglomerate that everyone takes for granted. Now, as I gaze at the unfortunate below, I realize that my penthouse view is the result of honest work and impeccable media exploitation. Cough. As a God, I have nowhere to go but down. Cheers, Bruce Pavitt.” The Fuck Me I’m Rich compilation was released in 1990 by Sub Pop together with Australian label Waterfront Records. The LP is a collection of songs by five Seattle bands, with one song by each band appearing on each side of the record.

Todd, Part Chimp, Lords & Hey Colossus Present: A Split 10 Inch of Monstrous Proportions

Southern / Rock Action / Gringo / Jonson Family 281351
Split 10 Inch – £5

Four bands, four songs. Todd, Part Chimp, Lords and Hey Colossus present a split 10 inch of monstrous proportions. A split label release from the following mighty stables: Southern, Rock Action, Gringo, Jonson Family. Released in 2006 and limited to 1000 copies. We hid a box in the cupboard until now. Just for you.

Various – Touring Japan

Time Bomb Records BOMBCD55
CD – £5.00

Touring Japan is a compilation CD produced for the 1998 package tour of Japan featuring K454, Bluetip, Naht (Japan) and Sweetbelly Freakdown. Sweetbelly Freakdown and Bluetip shared recording time at Inner Ear, while K454 recorded at 706 Basement and Naht at RD Studio in late 1997. Bluetip covered the B-52’s song 52 Girls, while K454 covered Man In A Trap by Government Issue and Upside Down by Jesus & Mary Chain.

Chrome Hoof / Nervous Ice Mummy – Split Album

Broken Claw Records BC001

LP – £5.00

Released in 2002, this split album was Chrome Hoof’s first release. The self-released Broken Claw LP was split with Nervous Ice Mummy, with each band taking a side each. Track Listing: Chrome Hoof: Norsemans Chronicle, Termite, Sting Me, Plight of the Walnut. Nervous Ice Mummy: Jafilorite, Kisses and Blows, The Foil.

Crass – Love Songs

Pomona Publishing

Paperback book – £8.99

259 pages, a passionate anthology of lyrics that (subversively) inspired millions, available as a paperback published by Pomona. Love Songs collects the lyrics and poems of anarchist band Crass; a band which, though largely bypassed by the mainstream music business, sold over a million records from its own staunchly independent label, and inspired a massive underground following from 1977 – 1984. Crass began as a rural collective of diverse and eclectic individuals based in Essex in 1977, who used art, literature and film, as well as music, to share information and ideas. At the centre of their philosophy were themes of free thought, enthusiasm, creativity, ingenuity, peace, and yes, love – a radical standpoint for a band set within the generally nihilistic context of punk rock. The book is 20cm x 13cm and contains a lengthy preface by drummer and founder Penny Rimbaud who reflects on the effects of the collective’s works.

Girls Against Boys – Nineties Vs. Eighties

Slate Records
Original Vinyl – £8.00

Six tracks, 22 minutes. This is the original release of the Girls Against Boys LP Nineties Vs. Eighties on Slate Records. The LP was later re-released on Adult Swim. Recorded at Inner Ear Studios between 1988 – 1990, Nineties Vs. Eighties was produced by Girls Against Boys producer extraordinaire Eli Janney. The LP was released on vinyl by Slate records in 1990, before being released on Adult Swim Records as a CD. Skilled sound dynamics and a supple backbone of rhythm that wishes to move and distort you, is waiting, bags packed. Johnny Temple, sipping his Whiskey Sours, Fliesig tapping his foot, while McCloud and Janney go over, once more, their vocal crossfire.

Thanks for reading. We’ll be back very shortly with details of a shed-load of new stuff coming up at the end of August.


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